The University of York Linguistic Society


Welcome to The Society!

n81684745113_4951We are certain in saying that language defines human beings. This is the reason for our meeting in a very friendly and stimulating environment to talk about an amazingly intricate and paradoxical phenomenon we call language.

A linguist can be both someone who studies the nature of language (i.e. an academic Linguist) as well as someone who speaks many different languages. The society hopes to play both of the latter roles: besides academical assessment of language, the members share their knowledge of many different & exotic languages, as linguistic training surely also sharpens the foreign language acquisition skills.

The Society is also running a quarterly journal called ‘Vernaculum’ where members will be able to publish some of their (early?) works, leaping on these first steppingstones of Linguistics

Moreno Mitrovic,
YLS founding member